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Favorite Things: Blue infinity scarf

Blue flannel infinity scarf | The Lush's Blush blog
New Blue Infinity Scarf from Folktale Jess

I’m pretty much obsessed with this new gorgeous blue flannel infinity scarf/wrap from my good friend Jessica’s wonderful Etsy shop.

It is so soft and comfy. You can wrap it all around yourself, even pull it up over your head like a hoodie, which is my favorite way to wear it.

I stay cold a lot in the winter so I tend to keep this on all day at the office and even while back at home snuggled up on the couch.

The fabric is soft, but also thin so it’s not heavy or bulky. She has a beautiful red one listed now in the shop as well as lots of other gorgeous goodies! Check her out!

Folktale Jess on Etsy | The Lush's Blush blog

Folktake Jess on Etsy | The Lush's Blush blog
Folktale Jess
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Link Roundup

Snow day link roundup

We are getting hammered here in Yadkin Valley Wine Country with snow and sleet. I’m really more of a warm weather gal, but I have to admit the snow is pretty. Now we’re just hoping it doesn’t turn to freezing rain.

So on this snow day here at The Lush’s Blush headquarters, here a few things I’ve been perusing on the internet.

How delicious does this look?  Prosciutto Lemon Wrapped Chicken from The Splendid Table.

Photo from The Splendid Table

Boy, I sure wish I had started this soup earlier in the day. This Slow Cooker Potato Soup would have been perfect on a day like today! Great recipe from Gimme Some Oven!




Photo from Gimme Some Oven

Looking for an awesome new app to keep you busy on a snowy day? Check out the amazing new app A Color Story!

Crystals in the snow at The Lush's Blush
Crystals in the snow
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Snow covered sacred bamboo

Living somewhere warm and wishing for snow? You can view my snow scopes and chat on!