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The stones of peaceful slumber

The Lush's Blush blogI sleep with rocks under my pillow. It sounds crazy, trust me, I know. Even my husband teases me about it. As part of my crystal healing studies, though I have learned the stones that are meant to bring calming energy and peaceful dreams.

Having a few of these comforting crystals in a small medicine bag under your pillow or on your nightstand can help bring about peaceful slumber.

Taking time to wind down from the day with some calming music, a warm bath with lavender oil, or both, is also a great way to get in the mood for a good night’s sleep.

The Stones of Peaceful Slumber

Rose Quartz – A heart chakra stone with a very gentle and calming vibration that allows for the release of emotional stress.

Moonstone – Can help with sleeplessness, moonstone also can bring about dreams of past lives. This stone is also closely associated with the Goddess and moon magic and is known to enhance one’s intuition.

Smoky Quartz – This powerhouse stone transmutes negative energy. Can also bring connect to spirit guides and help bring one’s inner dreams to fruition.

Sodalite – Like a deep blue night sky, this stone, too, can bring one into a state of lucid dreaming and protect one from nightmares.

Amethyst – A good stone for meditation, Amethyst is said to create a bubble of light around the bearer.

Petalite – This small stone is a powerhouse of protective energy. It has a gentle vibration and works as an auric sheild. According to the Book of Stones, Petalite “can take one to a dimenson of rest and healing, a space in which the worries and concerns of this world are released, allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of the unencumbered spirit.”

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The Stones of Peaceful Slumber



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The joyful goddess

Stones of the joyful Goddess.
Bumblebee Jasper – A solar plexus chakra stone to awaken the Goddess within.
Shiva’s Eye – A stone of third eye awakening and divine protection.
Red and Green Rutilated Quartz – A stone to bring healing and grounding to the healer, to the woman who takes it all on herself.
Ocean Jasper – A stone of joy and happiness. A heart healer.
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Blue healers

I’m missing the ocean today so I think I was drawn to pull these stones in various calming shades of blue to be my companions today.
Blue Kyanite – Aligns all chakras.
Campitos and Indian Creek Turquoise – Turquoise offers us so much, wealth, luck, healing and protection.
Blue Tiger’s Eye – A calming stone for strength and motivation.
Azurite with Malachite – The stone of the healer priestess. Awakens inner confidence and brings healing and abundance.
Aqua Obsidian – A stone to bring comfort and strength during times of grief and letting go.
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The grounded heart

Stones for the grounded heart.

Rhodonite (left) a stone of heart healing, forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves, a stone of accepting both the light and dark parts of our nature.
Almandine Garnet (right) a stone of grounding and connection with ancestors. Can also aid in increasing stamina and strength.
Shiva Lingam (bottom) hailing from the Narmada River in India, this stone represents the duality of both the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. Also a stone of protection.

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Treasured gifts

The stones I have with me today are very special treasures to me. These were all gifts to me from a dear friend who has her own magical shop on etsy. Aside from the properties each stone carries, I always think there is extra magic when the stones were gifted.
Chalcopyrite, also known as Peacock Ore – A stone that aligns all chakras and connects you with ancient wisdom.
Quartz point – One can never have enough quartz in my opinion. A stone of clearing and magnification.
Pyrite – A stone of abundance and manifestation.
Amethyst – Brings calming energy.