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Book Review: Big Magic

IMG_3917I have been a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert since “Eat, Pray, Love” and so I was eager to get my hands on her latest “Big Magic.”
For starters, I’m a big believer in magic so I loved the title. I will admit that part of the title gave me pause. Under the main title “Big Magic” is the phrase “Creative Living Beyond Fear.”

Now, granted, I am actually a pretty creative person. I act in community theater productions, I write for a living and have a blog. Yet something about that phrase incited my inner doubter to snidely say, “yeah, you aren’t that creative, this book may not apply to you.”

I can imagine that Liz herself would berate me for this attitude.

But aren’t we so often our own worst critic?

Luckily, I silenced that inner doubt and started reading. Y’all, this book is amazing. You really feel as though Liz is just a friend sitting down and sharing her experiences and advice with you. I love her conversational writing style so much. And I love the entire concept of the book.

The primary message of the book is to create for the sake of creating. Inspiration, Liz says, wants an outlet and it wants to use us as that outlet to make something wonderful. Is that something wonderful going to change the world and make you tons of money? No, not necessarily and in most cases probably not, but it still is meant to be created.

For me, the real message of the book is to do what brings you joy whether that is cooking, gardening, writing, painting. Just do it. Do it for the pure enjoyment of doing it.

If you love the book, you will also love her podcast Magic Lessons. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book if you read it!


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