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Celebrating love and life every day

The Lush's Blush blogI’m a firm believer in celebrating life every single day. One of my favorite quotes about celebrating the mundane comes from author Hester Browne.

“Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is having a bottle of champagne in the fridge!”

We didn’t have champagne, but I did enjoy a margarita tonight in celebration of my six-month wedding anniversary.

Is that even a thing? Well, who cares! Every month since I’ve been married I’ve wanted to celebrate. Though every day is not as exciting as our wedding day or as lovely as our honeymoon, I do find joy in the every day mundane things like enjoying Mexican food at the little restaurant across the street, or snuggling with my husband while we binge-watch Supernatural on Netflix.

Life is full of not-so-fun adulting business like dealing with insurance and taxes and doctor’s appointments, but life, too, is full of mundane magical moments spent with the ones you love!

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