Taking time to breathe

This morning I watched a video tutorial on a meditative breathing technique. It made me realize something very sad. I don’t take time in my life to breathe.

We have to breathe to live, obviously, but I do find myself in the middle of the workday, stressed about a deadline or other work related thing, and I realize I am literally holding my breath.

Not only am I not taking time during the day to do some deep breathing, I’m even holding my breath for some unknown reason. Wow. Very big revelation and it’s something I’m probably not alone in.

Our lives are so busy and most of us are running around trying to get to work, picking up kids from school, fixing dinner and all the other stuff of life, but are we truly breathing and nourishing our bodies with the breath of life?

I’m moving breathing to the top of my to-do list.

And a huge thank you to China Brooks for her wonderful insights on her YouTube channel, live Periscope feeds and her blog!