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New jewels

I love jewelry. No, really, it’s sort of an obsession. A few years ago I discovered a jewelry designer by the name of Charles Albert. It’s sort of become my summer tradition to buy a new Charles Albert piece each summer while on vacation.

This year’s piece is a huge green turquoise pendant. What I love most about his designs is they typically incorporate unusual stones and crystals. I’m into crystal healing so jewelry to me serves a dual purpose. It is pretty to look at it and typically has healing properties associated with the stone.

This sign gave me a real chuckle, although all 5 out of the 5 voices in my head told me to go for it. They usually do when it comes to jewelry.

Check out more of Charles Albert’s designs at


Gogo jewelry

Last weekend my bridesmaids surprised me with an unexpected trip to the coast. It was just what the doctor ordered. We went to Amelia Island in Florida, where one of my bridesmaid’s sisters has a place. We had a amazing time.

We sat in the sand, soaked up some rays, ate some good food and shopped, of course.
I was so thrilled to find a jewelry store that carried Gogo jewelry.

I saw a segment on Gogo Ferguson about two years ago on TV and I had been wanting this rattlesnake rib bone ring ever since. Now, I have no real fascination with snakes and normally my taste in jewelry leans to things a little more sparkly, but for some reason this ring was calling my name.

You can watch the video here all about Gogo and her jewelry.

And here a few more pictures from the island!