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The stones of peaceful slumber

The Lush's Blush blogI sleep with rocks under my pillow. It sounds crazy, trust me, I know. Even my husband teases me about it. As part of my crystal healing studies, though I have learned the stones that are meant to bring calming energy and peaceful dreams.

Having a few of these comforting crystals in a small medicine bag under your pillow or on your nightstand can help bring about peaceful slumber.

Taking time to wind down from the day with some calming music, a warm bath with lavender oil, or both, is also a great way to get in the mood for a good night’s sleep.

The Stones of Peaceful Slumber

Rose Quartz – A heart chakra stone with a very gentle and calming vibration that allows for the release of emotional stress.

Moonstone – Can help with sleeplessness, moonstone also can bring about dreams of past lives. This stone is also closely associated with the Goddess and moon magic and is known to enhance one’s intuition.

Smoky Quartz – This powerhouse stone transmutes negative energy. Can also bring connect to spirit guides and help bring one’s inner dreams to fruition.

Sodalite – Like a deep blue night sky, this stone, too, can bring one into a state of lucid dreaming and protect one from nightmares.

Amethyst – A good stone for meditation, Amethyst is said to create a bubble of light around the bearer.

Petalite – This small stone is a powerhouse of protective energy. It has a gentle vibration and works as an auric sheild. According to the Book of Stones, Petalite “can take one to a dimenson of rest and healing, a space in which the worries and concerns of this world are released, allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of the unencumbered spirit.”

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The Stones of Peaceful Slumber



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Stones of the serene spirit

These are the stones of the serene spirit. In combination these stones are protective and can provide access to personal healing, past life recall, joy and connection with loved ones who have crossed the veil.

Desert Rose Selenite – Calms anxiety, offers access to angels and spirits of positive energy and past life remembrances.

Crazy Lace Agate – A happy stone that provides protection against accidents. This stone has a very positive and joyful vibration.

Snowflake Obsidian – A grounding stone that brings peace and comfort and connection to loved ones who have passed on.This stone also reminds us that we can overcome life’s challenges and get to a better place. Also a stone that can bring past life recall particularly for the purpose of learning and healing issues in the present life.



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Favorite Things: The Velvet Lotus

My good friend Seja has an absolutely amazing crystal shop on Etsy. I’ve heard her refer to it before as her “little rock shop.” Well, let me tell you, The Velvet Lotus is so much more than just a rock shop. The Velvet Lotus is nothing but pure magic.

I have a number of crystals and other magical goodies from The Velvet Lotus and they are all so special to me.

White Atlantean Phantom Quartz

One of the most incredible things about The Velvet Lotus is the way each item is lovingly packaged. A lot of “woo woo” shops, if you will, package things very prettily in little organza bags etc., but Seja pulls out all the stops. Her packages are filled to the brim with the most fragrant and lovely flower potpourri and glitter. I love glitter. I love it!


I tried to do a live unboxing on Periscope of my latest order from The Velvet Lotus, but it was so amazing that I had to just stop because I couldn’t video and concentrate on all the loveliness I was seeing. You can watch those video’s here and here.


If you’re looking for a place to purchase some amazing magical tools, I highly recommend The Velvet Lotus!






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How I got into crystal healing


I have had a thing for rocks from the time I was a small child. I was always picking up pretty stones from the creek on my uncle’s property or tumbled stones purchased from museum gift shops. Now that I am an adult, my obsession with rocks is one that not only brings me a lot of personal enjoyment, but also has helped increase my sense of spiritual and mental well-being.

I remember (and still have) the very first tumbled gemstone I ever received. It is a piece of rose quartz that came from a bin of tumbled stones at a store in the mall. I remember how I treasured that stone and how it felt so comforting to feel the smooth coolness of the rock as I held it in my hands.

A few years ago, when cleaning out a closet, I rediscovered my childhood rock collection. I was unhappy at my job at the time and starting taking a stone or two in my pocket each day that I would rub when stressed out, particularly when staff meetings went on longer than expected.  I had heard that crystals had metaphysical healing properties and so I began to research the topic.

It may sound silly and some days even I feel like maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but during the last few years as I dealt with my mom’s increasingly poor health and her subsequent passing, those rocks are what kept me from completely losing my mind. More than anything, for me, stones have become a way for me to channel positive thought and energy into my life and at a time when that was very hard to do.

The premise behind crystal healing is that all stones carry an energy or vibration that may relate to different parts of the body or different aspects of life.  Most stones are also associated with one or more chakras, the primary internal energy centers which govern our body, mind and spirit. There are a number of books available that list the properties associated with each stone. My personal favorite is The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Even if you don’t decide to try crystals as a means for healing and wellness, you may find it interesting to know the properties of some common stones that you may already have in your own jewelry. Here are a few that I would recommend as great stones to begin with if crystal healing is a path you decide to travel.

Crystals for beginners

FullSizeRender (2)Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is a very gentle stone. As mentioned previously, even as a child I was very drawn to this stone for its comforting properties. Typically a pale pink shade, the stone relates to the heart chakra and in particular is said to encourage greater self-love.


FullSizeRenderSmoky Quartz – Smoky quartz is one of my favorite stones to work with. I have multiple tumbled and raw pieces and jewelry made from smoky quartz. It can come in a variety of colors from a translucent champagne color to dark grey and nearly black. This stone is said to transmute negative energy. Bad stuff in life happens, that’s a fact. People get sick, co-workers can be crazy, the economy can go south, but every day we still have to get up and try to face the world with a smile. The more you sit and dwell on the negative, the more power it has. Obviously some of the bad things in life are harder to overlook than others. I certainly didn’t float through my mom’s illness with a smile on my face all the time just because I had this stone with me, but I also didn’t rip sh*t off the wall like I really wanted to.

FullSizeRender (1)Citrine – This golden yellow stone is a very popular stone in metaphysical circles as it represents abundance and prosperity. Citrine is said to draw money to you. It is often recommended for business owners to put a piece of citrine in their cash register to help bring in more money. The stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of one’s personal property. When we believe we will have abundance and prosperity in life and feel secure in our own personal power, we are more likely to make wise decisions that will ensure our financial prosperity.

FullSizeRender (3)Red Jasper – There are many types of jasper and they all have a very calm and gentle vibration. I’ve heard Jasper referred to as a “stone hug.” It brings comfort and a sense of peace and personal strength, especially if facing a challenge.  Red jasper is associated with the root or base chakra which allows to be grounded and know that we are safe.


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The joyful goddess

Stones of the joyful Goddess.
Bumblebee Jasper – A solar plexus chakra stone to awaken the Goddess within.
Shiva’s Eye – A stone of third eye awakening and divine protection.
Red and Green Rutilated Quartz – A stone to bring healing and grounding to the healer, to the woman who takes it all on herself.
Ocean Jasper – A stone of joy and happiness. A heart healer.
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Blue healers

I’m missing the ocean today so I think I was drawn to pull these stones in various calming shades of blue to be my companions today.
Blue Kyanite – Aligns all chakras.
Campitos and Indian Creek Turquoise – Turquoise offers us so much, wealth, luck, healing and protection.
Blue Tiger’s Eye – A calming stone for strength and motivation.
Azurite with Malachite – The stone of the healer priestess. Awakens inner confidence and brings healing and abundance.
Aqua Obsidian – A stone to bring comfort and strength during times of grief and letting go.
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The grounded heart

Stones for the grounded heart.

Rhodonite (left) a stone of heart healing, forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves, a stone of accepting both the light and dark parts of our nature.
Almandine Garnet (right) a stone of grounding and connection with ancestors. Can also aid in increasing stamina and strength.
Shiva Lingam (bottom) hailing from the Narmada River in India, this stone represents the duality of both the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. Also a stone of protection.

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Treasured gifts

The stones I have with me today are very special treasures to me. These were all gifts to me from a dear friend who has her own magical shop on etsy. Aside from the properties each stone carries, I always think there is extra magic when the stones were gifted.
Chalcopyrite, also known as Peacock Ore – A stone that aligns all chakras and connects you with ancient wisdom.
Quartz point – One can never have enough quartz in my opinion. A stone of clearing and magnification.
Pyrite – A stone of abundance and manifestation.
Amethyst – Brings calming energy.
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New jewels

I love jewelry. No, really, it’s sort of an obsession. A few years ago I discovered a jewelry designer by the name of Charles Albert. It’s sort of become my summer tradition to buy a new Charles Albert piece each summer while on vacation.

This year’s piece is a huge green turquoise pendant. What I love most about his designs is they typically incorporate unusual stones and crystals. I’m into crystal healing so jewelry to me serves a dual purpose. It is pretty to look at it and typically has healing properties associated with the stone.

This sign gave me a real chuckle, although all 5 out of the 5 voices in my head told me to go for it. They usually do when it comes to jewelry.

Check out more of Charles Albert’s designs at