Drinking vicariously (a book review)

Mamrie Hart, a native of my small town in rural North Carolina,IveGotThisRo_JKF_rev0915_preview has just released her second book and it is a hoot!

As a mom of a six-month old I believe my drinking days are long gone. My idea of an exciting drink choice these days is trying a new flavor of La Croix.

I’ve read from multiple reputable sources that having a glass of wine while breastfeeding is perfectly safe, but the new mom syndrome of worrying over everything keeps me from indulging. My husband works at a winery so wine is always around me, but I’ve yet to have more than a small sip since bringing home my son. When the baby (finally!) goes to bed and we watch “Frankie and Grace” I also long for a dirty martini, but liquor is definitely out of the question.

Then my boss passed along an advanced readers’ copy of a new book written by a famous former local citizen and it has been the answer to my lack of alcohol! If I can’t drink I can at least read about someone else imbibing.

Mamrie Hart’s dad was an actor in the show “In the Heat of the Night” that ran in the late 80s/early 90s. She’s made her own path to celebrity with her YouTube channel where she takes a comedic approach to making cocktails. I know people who knew her when she lived her, but I had never seen her channel and didn’t know she had a book until the second one was given to me. Now I’m on a mission to watch ALL her videos and read the first book, too.

In her latest work “I’ve Got This Round” Hart shares her escapades which involve a lot of drinking. From the first chapter I was hooked as she described a weekend in the resort of her childhood dreams which features a champagne glass shaped tub! I promptly googled the place after finishing that chapter and planned an imaginary trip there.

New mom or not, if you’re in the mood for lots of laughs, definitely check out this book!