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Valentine’s and snow day breakfasts

Be my Valentine | The Lush's Blush blog
Valentine’s Dinner at 21 and Main

Over the weekend, my husband treated me to a wonderful gourmet steak dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was delicious. On Sunday morning, he fixed french toast. I really am a lucky gal!

On Monday morning, we got snow so I worked from home and got what I consider to be an even more special treat. I do love a fancy steak dinner, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes something as simple as good ol’ biscuits and gravy just warms the heart.

I always thought my Mamma made the very best biscuits and gravy, but my husband sure makes good gravy, too. Bacon gravy used to be my favorite, but my sweetie also makes pretty good sausage gravy. He serves it up with biscuits and scrambled eggs with cheese. I’ve never been much of an egg-eater, but I love the way my husband makes them.

Valentine's Day french toast | The Lush's Blush blog

A few years ago my husband turned me on to a different kind of gravy that his family in West Virginia makes, tomato gravy. We had been dating about a year or two when Morgan took me up to West Virginia and Pennsylvania to meet some of his family.

Snow day | The Lush's Blush blog
Snow Day

I jokingly asked if his kinfolk in West Virginia were going to make me eat squirrel. He said, of course, they wouldn’t make me eat anything I didn’t want to, but if I wanted to try squirrel, they could probably whip some up. I declined that offer, though Morgan insists if I ever tried squirrel gravy I’d probably like it.

As we were talking about gravy and such, Morgan asked me if I liked tomato gravy. Now, growing up, we often served fresh sliced tomatoes with breakfast and I thought maybe that’s what he meant. It was a favorite thing my Mamma and I liked to do. When tomatoes are fresh from the garden, those big luscious ones, you put a big slice, sprinkled with a little salt, on your plate right next to your bacon gravy. The secret is to get a forkful of biscuit and gravy along with a bite of the fresh tomato. But no, this is not what my husband meant by tomato gravy. What he was referring to is an actual gravy made from home-canned tomatoes, and let me tell you, it is delicious.

Biscuits and bacon gravy | The Lush's Blush blog
Biscuits and gravy

Probably one of the most amazing things I ever saw in my life was watching Morgan’s uncle make the biggest, fluffiest, cat head biscuits you ever saw, and he made them using only one hand. He had had shoulder surgery and one arm was in a sling, but he went right on making biscuits. They served them up with the tomato gravy. One of our wedding gifts from Uncle Jerry was a jar of home-canned tomatoes. Now, that’s a special gift indeed.

We made the tomato gravy a few months ago and it was so yummy. Morgan’s cousin Shelly says you can make tomato gravy using store bought tomatoes, if you don’t have access to home-canned tomatoes.

Tomato Gravy | The Lush's Blush blog
Tomato Gravy

If you like tomatoes, this is definitely a recipe to try. It’s very simple. Pour your tomatoes into a pot over medium heat and begin to warm. Fry up some bacon and remove bacon from pan. Pour the bacon grease into the tomatoes. Then make a slurry using equal parts flour and water. Add the slurry to the tomato mixture and stir well to combine. Keep stirring until it thickens up into the consistency you like. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve it over biscuits or toast.

Do you have a favorite breakfast food? Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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