Something old, something new

Blue wedding shoes | The Lush's Blush blog
Photo Courtesy of Elise Brown | Photography by Kunal Mehta of Events by SPL

While weddings are beautiful, magical, wonderful things, they can also cause a bride stress. One of the things I didn’t want to stress too much about was the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

On my wedding day I chose to wear a sapphire ring that belonged to my mother. I counted this as my something blue, something old and something borrowed. My dress was new, of course, so I counted that.

Weddings have a lot of tradition associated with them, but I think, like myself, most brides today are making choices based on what they like.

My good friend Erin agreed. She’s a hair and makeup artist and owner of Glass Door Salon in Winston-Salem, NC, and has worked with hundreds of brides over the years. She said most brides today try to honor the “something old” saying, but also they just go with accessories they like and best fit the style of their wedding.

“Most brides are choosing things they like as opposed to ‘something blue,’ but still incorporating it. Some choose to use a brooch with a blue stone, use a blue garter or sew a patch of their dad or granddad’s blue shirt into the underneath of their dress,” Erin told me.

Memorial heart | The Lush's Blush blog
Photo courtesy of Elise Brown | Photography by Kunal Mehta of Events by SPL

I love what my sorority sister Elise did for her “something old.” She had a special fabric heart made from pieces of her mother’s, aunt’s and grandmother’s wedding gowns that she had with her on her wedding day.

Incorporating a special family piece is still very much a key theme for brides today, a manager at my local bridal boutique told me. Vicki Hendrix is the manager at Southern Bride in Yadkinville, NC.

Vicki said tradition is still a very big part of bridal fashion and especially when it comes to the accessories.

“Brides are using a lot of tradition in their weddings, they’re incorporating a lot of elements that may be from their mother or grandmother in jewelry, most classic is pearls.”

Bridal earrings | The Lush's Blush blog
Photo courtesy of Elise Brown | Photography by Kunal Mehta of Events by SPL

Simple bridal jewelry like a necklace and earrings and possibly a bracelet. Again, a piece of jewelry from a family member is often a popular choice, Vicki said.

What special pieces did you choose (or are you planning to do) for your “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?” I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a note in the comments!



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