Wine Review: Apothic Dark

DSC_0652I feel like Apothic wines are the new “it” wines. I hear a lot of people talking about them, and with good reason. They are great wines. Last night for dinner my husband made a delicious red wine braised roast which we served with Apothic Dark.

I am a red wine drinker, but I admit I was a little bit intimated by this wine. The label is dark, the font is very dramatic and Gothic, the wine itself is a dramatically dark purpley red. I was a bit afraid that this wine was going to very heavy. It is not. It is very drinkable.

There are some berry notes, a little coffee, a little chocolate. It is dark and dry, but it is extremely DSC_0657smooth. I would definitely recommend it to serve with a good hearty meal like a steak or roast, but you also won’t mind having a glass just on its own as well.

Apothic Dark is definitely a keeper. And the black cork is pretty fancy too.


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