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Favorite Things: The Velvet Lotus

My good friend Seja has an absolutely amazing crystal shop on Etsy. I’ve heard her refer to it before as her “little rock shop.” Well, let me tell you, The Velvet Lotus is so much more than just a rock shop. The Velvet Lotus is nothing but pure magic.

I have a number of crystals and other magical goodies from The Velvet Lotus and they are all so special to me.

White Atlantean Phantom Quartz

One of the most incredible things about The Velvet Lotus is the way each item is lovingly packaged. A lot of “woo woo” shops, if you will, package things very prettily in little organza bags etc., but Seja pulls out all the stops. Her packages are filled to the brim with the most fragrant and lovely flower potpourri and glitter. I love glitter. I love it!


I tried to do a live unboxing on Periscope of my latest order from The Velvet Lotus, but it was so amazing that I had to just stop because I couldn’t video and concentrate on all the loveliness I was seeing. You can watch those video’s here and here.


If you’re looking for a place to purchase some amazing magical tools, I highly recommend The Velvet Lotus!






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