Bath and Beauty

I Whish for amazing bath products

I love beauty products. Eye shadow, nail polish, perfume and face wash. I love it all. I’d like to try it all. I admit I am often a sucker for products with cutesy names and in cute packaging. I will also say that I have never actually moaned out loud over a beauty product. . .until now.

A few weeks ago I caught a segment on the Today Show featuring different products being offered a discounted rate especially for Today Show viewers. There were lots of cute things, but what caught my eye was a set of body scrub, shave cream, body wash and body butter fromWhish. I had not heard of Whish before but apparently it is a celebrity favorite and has been featured in a number of magazines.

The deal was for a four piece set of the products (an $85 value) for only $19. I certainly couldn’t pass that up. I admit, however, that I was a little nervous about ordering a product I had never seen or smelled before. I put my full trust in the Today Show and I was not disappointed.

I’m telling you now, stop what you are doing and order you some Whish sugar scrub and body butter. Now! I’m serious? Why are you still here reading? Go!

Super Cute and Amazing Product!

Really, this stuff is AMAZING! I got in the shower and squeezed some of the sugar scrub into my palms and when I touched it to my skin I actually moaned. I’m not making this up. This stuff is the best feeling body product I have ever used. EVER. The End. The sugar scrub has a very fine grain and a creamy base that just makes  your skin feel so moisturized and smooth. The fragrance is called Vanilla Spice and it is so delicious smelling you will be a little bit enthralled with yourself for the rest of the day. It is also a great balance of a long-lasting pleasant smell without being overpowering. I am sort of funny about products with a sweet smell. Sometime it’s just too much, especially when you are combining body wash and then following up with lotion. I have  had some products that made me feel like I was choking it was so sickly sweet and overwhelming.

The shaving cream is also a great product. I usually just use soap or body wash instead of an actual shave cream and I could really tell a huge difference. My legs felt so smooth!

The lotion is also unbelievable. Before I had a chance to take a full shower, I used just a smidge of lotion and my hands felt so soft.

I’m hooked. I’ve already been perusing the web site to see what fragrance I should try next. If you have tried another fragrance please let me know which ones are best.

This is the body care line I have always whished for!

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