Pioneer Woman Wannabe

I admit it, I’m a Pioneer Woman wannabe. Well, minus that whole cattle ranch thing! I really do love her though and all of her recipes are fabulous! This week we (and by we I mainly mean Morgan) made her Salisbury steak dinner. Just go to her site for the recipe, but here are my pictures of our meal!


I had never heard of “kitchen bouquet” from Ree’s recipe and though I was willing to try it, I could not find it in the grocery store so we skipped that step.

The steak was delicious though! Even my mom who normally doesn’t eat a lot of meat loved it. This is a great meal for a week night.

I know some of you foodies make freak over this, but confess I had a purchased a can of cranberry sauce to go with this. You know the kind that slides right out of the can and you slice it? So sue me, I like that stuff! Sadly, I forgot all about it until after we ate.

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